About Another Look

Things you may not know about Another Look Consignment Shop…1. We have a great selection of women and children’s clothing and shoes in all styles and brands. We take in approximately 200 items daily. 

2. We sale formal wear including dresses, shoes, jewelry, and handbags. 

3. Handbags in our store are much less expensive than the department store and they are in like new condition.

4. We scrutinize our consignments. Items in our store are very gently used and there are many new items with tags still attached throughout our racks. 

5. We consign bath and body works scents and designer fragrances.

6. We carry handmade greeting cards that are unique and each one is prayed over with a special blessing for the person that will receive it. Created by Walk On Water Greeting Cards. 

7. We have a great selection of new Melissa & Doug toys, some that you won’t find in the department stores, all at prices you won’t find at the major retailers. We also consign gently used toys and our toy room is a great place for your little one to browse while you shop 🙂

8. We recycle shopping bags. We believe in making use of everything and using it until it’s life cycle is completely exhausted. We will be your recycling center for the abundance of plastic shopping bags you can’t put to good use!  

9. We take 10 items on walk in consignment any time and if you have more, we can schedule an appointment for up to 50 items. 

10. We have maternity wear, petites, sleepwear and athletic wear. We also have a great plus size selection. Our jewelry sets are always just $10 and we have new sunglasses for only $5. 

Need more reasons to give us Another Look? Now through September 17th, all pink tags are $1, blue tags are $2 and brown, Black and Tan tags are 30% off!  

Check out this article for more reasons to make shopping resale part of your life and remember ‘Recycle, Reuse, Reduce the Impact on Our Precious Earth. Shop Resale.’


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